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We help local, independent pizza restaurants who are producing top-quality meals to compete with the big chains by offering what today's pizza-hungry customers want  . . . ordering convenience.

In 2018 Domino's reported that the number of pizzas ordered over the internet grew by 19.4 % to account for 63.9 % of all sales.
Stop relying on your phone for orders and make more sales over the internet.

Designed for Pizza shops that . . .

  • don't already have a website


  • have a website with a static menu


  • remove the order-by-phone bottleneck
  • stop losing customers to the big chains

accept online orders

We'll setup your online ordering system
(payment processing optional)

Capture customer data

Enabling future marketing to valued customers


One-touch button for customers to call from smart devices


Easily add your business information to get found on Google

local google street map

Let new customers know exactly where they can find you

leverage your social media

1-click access to your business profiles on social media

fully Supported

We'll keep things running while you make the best pizza you can

How it works


select a plan

Choose a plan that suits your business (eg. take online payments). Plans are pay by the month with no contracts or minimum periods.


select design

The design work is done. Pick the style you like best and rest assured that it will look great and function well on all devices.


create your account

Add your business name and ideal URL and pay by starting your monthly subscription via credit/debit card.


we'll ask for your menu then we will . . .

  • enter your business details
  • add your menu/price list
  • set your opening hours
  • add your delivery policy
  • provide notes and ‘how to’ videos
send us your menu

Website Dashboard

Our Plans


$85 /mo (incl. gst)

+ AUD $800 One-time setup fee. We setup your branding, business info and pizza menu so customers can build their order on your website and send to you via email or call. Then pay on pickup or delivery.

No contract. Just pay-as-you-go and cancel at any time.
No commission charges on your sales.


$100 /mo (incl. gst)

+ AUD $800 One-time setup fee. We setup your branding, business info and pizza menu so customers can build their order on your website and send to you via email and pay online via credit card.

No contract. Just pay-as-you-go and cancel at any time.
No commission charges on your sales.

Already have a WordPress site?

If you currently have a WordPress site with hosting you are happy with then perhaps a simple Online Ordering System integration is all you need. We can do that for you.

We’ve tried to present as much information as we can to enable you to make the decision to join us. Perhaps you have something that we missed so please take a look at the questions and answers on this page and feel free to contact us if you still need something clarified before you start with your new business website.

No – we don’t want to lock you into a long-term contract.  We genuinely want to be your online partner so we’ll strive to make sure you get what your business needs.  If we do that you’d have no reason leave us (please don’t go!)

You have access to a wide range of guides, checklist and video tutorials inside your website dashboard. Includes a simple way to send a question to our Support Team.

Dashboard help assets

Yes – we plan to release additional website design templates each year so our partners can keep their websites fresh. We’ll let you know when new designs become available but right now there are 12 designs to choose from.

template grid

Yes – everything will look great out of the box on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Because you don’t have to worry about font spacing, colour matching or any of the details of design, you can just update your info and let the existing content handle everything. If you need help or advice just drop us a message.

Yes – all our website design templates are designed for people who don’t want to change anything however fonts, colours and your business information is all customisable.

You will have access to guides, checklists and video tutorials to make things easy.

Once we have added your menu items and prices customers will be able to build their orders online and either send them to you via email or call you to place their order. You will need to have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone to receive the emailed orders and a printer if you need hard copies.


order screen and cart

You have the option of setting up Google Cloud Print. This is contingent of having a printer that meets their specs and a Google account. While not included in your plan we are happy to help you get this going if it suits your business.

Yes. You will have full visibility of all orders placed by customers from your site. This will include $ for the e-COMMERCE PLAN.

Reporting overview

The facility to take online orders adds a degree of complexity which is why the e-COMMERCE PLAN costs more per month. We’ll work with you to setup a secure payment gateway and link it to your online order system. Note that all gateways will have their own fee structure per order submitted.

No we don’t. Your earnings are all yours but it’s important to understand that your selected payment gateway will deduct their fees from each order placed.

We hope this doesn’t happen but understand that sometimes things just don’t turn out the way we planned. You can cancel your plan at any time and export your content to use elsewhere if you need to.

If you have a question that hasn’t been covered please feel free to contact us via the message box on this page.  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



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